Rohtara slowed to a stop after making good time with the rest of the crowd. The ruckus calmed her as residents took to their homes. It was easier to take in conversation from the fleeing visitors. However, the native tongue of Parthia regardless of how well she spoke it was still a secondary language to her... (more)
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7:05 pm, June 22nd, 2009 by Blaze
Happy Summer, members. The A-Team apologizes for its lack of updates over the past three months. Regardless, we will be making up for this in July and August by finally uncovering Parthia's Mythology as well as other important articles in the Encyclopedia. More about future events can be found in the recent announcement. At this time I'd like to thank the sub plot members for their co-operation and contribution to Hidden Discoveries. Unfortunately, we have decided to abolish the sub plot. Have no fear, new members, you may continue the role-play up until July in which there will have a better replacement for sub plot. Thank you for understanding and have yourselves a great summer.
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